Wednesday, September 29

Gift horse

So last night, instead of dragging things out for hours, we finished all of the pages by one am. [Keep in mind, this is extremely rare.] It would have been even earlier, but the printer was misbehaving, and so were a couple of the computers. To celebrate, we went to the bar. Not just any bar, mind you - Roscoe's.

That's right, the seven of us that were left [the editor-in-chief, the managing editor, two news editors, the features editor, and two layout people] packed up and went to the dirtiest bar in town. The one that serves as a pseudo-dance club. Not only were we there, but our advertising manager had already been there for a few hours. It was amazing that any of us were out on a Tuesday, as Tuesday's our latest night and we're generally not done until three. Our EIC said, "I haven't been out on a Tuesday night since ... sophomore year!" We were back on campus by about 1.45, as last call wasn't terribly long after we got there.

The moral of the story is, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when he's the managing editor and he's buying everyone a shot.

Monday, September 27


Dear Shoe-breaker,

She knows you did not mean to break her shoe. She knows she gave you a lot of hell for it, and that it was not very nice of her. She suspects that it may have been the tequila talking. The tequila apologises for the misuse of her voice, and the lips apologise for letting the tequila's words escape. The hand apologises for hitting you with the broken shoe, and she doesn't
really care, since they were about $1.97 at Chez Wal-Mart. She is only sad because they were her first blue flip-flops ever and the most comfortable pair of shoes she owned. Please do not hold anything against her.

Sheepishly yours,
Ex Blue Flip-flop Owner's other personality

P.S. You're welcome to beg forgiveness by disposing of her roommate. Just a thought.

Sunday, September 26

Birthday girl

We had a grand celebration of AE's birthday. Her 22nd birthday was certainly more momentous than her 21st (mostly because no-one got busted this time). We began out evening at T-Bock's, a bar + grill sort of place. Having very few scruples last night, I decided to go for the peanut butter burger, which was surprisingly tasty (and in fact I could only taste the peanut butter when it dripped on to a couple of my fries). Also, Cast Away was playing in the background.

After the bites, I decided that I desperately needed to buy some tequila, so a bottle of José came back with me from the liquor store down the street. We got some limes at Fareway.

We were going to start playing spoons right away, but someone decided that everyone ought to be a little more drunk before we did any of that, so we took a tequila shot. It was hilarious to see everyone's face, stuck in the sour position after sucking on the lime wedges.

We started playing spoons, and since we had eight people, it was a little ... crowded. And funny. The loser of every round had to take a shot. In the case of our DD's, we let them suck on limes. Mmm. I must've taken six or seven shots of tequila before we even made it to the bar. It was craziness. I can't even remember all of the alcohol I had last night ... yikes.

Anyway, it was good times. Especially the leftover green bean casserole from Yum KipPotluck on Friday.

Friday, September 24

More than a catnap

I don't really understand how one person could sleep for more than three hours extra per day, but my roommate somehow manages it. I could understand a catnap, even every day. Maybe even more than once every day, although that would be pushing it. But I know for certain that my roommate is sleeping almost every other time I walk into my room. I can't imagine that that's healthy ... she has dark circles around her eyes, and it makes me sad for her. It's a little overdone, if you ask me. [And I know you did not, but I will still tell you: It's overdone!]

I am seriously regretting my swift agreement to live with her. I was desperate and hasty. Let this be a lesson to me, that being desperate results in a roommate who obsesses about gluesticks and laminating posters in case of a random act of fire sprinkling, and sleeps more than the dead.


Tuesday, September 21

Circle up!

I failed to mention that a couple of Fridays ago, I purchased my first pair of circulars. Granted, they were from Wal-Mart, but they're serving their purpose quite well. I've begun making a bag, in three tints - light, medium, and dark blue. I'm roughly 2/3 done, I think. I'm making it up as I go along. I also made a very quick [and even easier] pencil case for Franzosisch ... I think that she'll like it. Inside out, it looks a bit like an eyeglass case, but now it's all good. I'm going to start a scarf for my Greek prof. one of these days ... she'll be wanting one once the midwest winter sets in.

Also, the Biddy and I are in the process of working up a knitting circle sort of thing. We haven't talked about it much more than planning, but I think there are quite a few people interested. I'm excited.

Friday, September 17

Awkward inward glee

You know that feeling of almost running over the entire women's cross-country team? It's kind of like that. Or perhaps going to the bank only to find that the lobby is closed and, having a phobia of drive-thru windows, leaving. Wait. I've got it. Wearing an ensemble of all pink (purchased for a meager $10) to see if pink really is the new black.

Yesterday, however, I spent some lovely time with the Dustro Monster, drinking coffee and absorbing books at Bookends & Beans LLC (which I've just discovered means "Limited Liability Company"). I found a curious little book, Schott's Original Micellany. The most clever bit is inside the dust jacket - five essential rules for life. They are centimeters, inches, points, agates, and ciceros.

And, dear Dustro, "Water boil when it gallops, oil when it is still."

Tuesday, September 14


Today has been fabulous. I paid $750 to keep my spot in my study abroad class. Letting go of the money wasn't fabulous, but knowing that I have made two on-time payments has me pumped. Also, the weather has been absolutely delightful today. It's been pouring, and there was quite a bit of thunder earlier. In Greek, Shari [my prof] told us that she had never experienced such a downpour like this, and wondered if thunder like that was normal. [She just moved from California, after having gone to school in Massachusetts and growing up in Hawaii.] We assured her that around here, it's pretty normal, and that using her umbrella wouldn't be detrimental to her health [concerning the lightning]. I also saw Jacquieness today, and after seeing her new cell phone [which, oddly, is identical to mine] offered to make a fourth cell phone cozy for her. And I just finished a wonderful voice lesson, during which I got praised and laughed almost more than I sang. What a great rapport I have with my voice teacher. He officially rocks my face off.

Also, I got three requests for hats at work last night, which was mildly surprising. One of them has to be yellow, with ear flaps and a tassel, and a Charlie Brown stripe, if possible. I swear, production technicians are mildly insane.

Friday, September 10

A little crazy

Amazing. My roommate figured out the internet. It is an internet on loan, however, for only five days. Neither of us know why.

And last night I went a little crazy. I wanted to scream and break things, but I decided to sleep instead. I don't know how, but I managed to get a little behind in all of my classes. Already. We've only had a week and three days, for Pete's sake!

I need a vacation from myself.

Tuesday, September 7

I've got an Idea!

Somehow I always try to capitalise the word "Idea" in the middle of a sentence. I caught myself doing it twice in an email just now.

It's taking a little more time than I anticipated to get used to my new roommate. I keep finding myself wishing that I lived alone, or in Baker, or in the campus apartments where most of my friends live. She's kind of driving me crazy. She acts like a small child for a good deal of the day, and seems to have a glue stick fetish. She has purchased a lot in the past couple of weeks - ten before she got here, and ten a week later because they were on sale for ten cents each. She told me yesterday, "It was like buying one and getting nine free!" Oh, and she takes naps all the time. Augh!

Other than that, I think I've settled into my schedule a little more firmly now, and I should be a lot less crazy. Except for the fact that Buddhism is going to be insane. I think our prof is a little neurotic.

And by the way, they're doing work in the library right now, and it is VERY LOUD. Who drills in the library during normal library-ing hours?