Tuesday, June 10

Talk about shear genius.

I took a picture of myself on my computer yesterday, just because I felt like it. Here it is:

I'm not totally sold on that shirt, by the by.
It almost makes me look like a tomato.

And I took a picture this afternoon, just after I got back from my hair cut.

Gasp! Hair all one color? No one can live at that speed!

I love it. I kind of want to dance because of it. The stylist was even impressed by my fabulous taste. And yes dear friends, you are indeed seeing my natural hair color. It rarely comes out of hiding.

I've finished the Shetland Triangle, having done 11 repeats. I have yet to block it (surprise) or photograph it ('nother surprise), but it will be done. You may not see pics until after Dorian, but they'll be here eventually.

Speaking of Dorian, D minus 3 days until I head north! Woo!

Monday, June 2

Wup wup wup!

I decided just now that I want to make a Zoidberg costume. I already have a white coat, after all.

But Morehouse Merino has a pattern for lobster claw mittens. I just blew up a picture of a pair of finished mitts, and I'm 90% sure I can figure it out without purchasing the pattern kit.

After the claws, all I'd really need are red socks, white flip flops, and mint green scrubs. Easy peasey.

Um, that's really all. I have 10 repeats done on the Swallowtail now. Woo!

Sunday, June 1

'Tis June.

I got a new phone today. It was about time — my old phone pooped out about two weeks after the warranty expired, and I had to switch to my very first phone. Good thing I kept it. My mom decided it should be an early birthday present. Woo! Free phone! (Pause here. Can you believe I'm going to be 25 next Friday? I surely can't.)

We both got new phones, actually. Mine has the most phenomenal ringtone called "Acapella Beatbox." You can listen to the mp3 directly here, after I read a blurb about funky ringtones on a post this guy made. The ringtone is so cool that my mom almost got the same phone (LG UX380, if you want to know).

And my phone has Bluetooth. In fact, I just Bluetoothed some pictures that I took today to my computer.

Here's my mom at Ben Franklin. That's her phone. She was taking a picture of me.

Also, I started the ninth repeat on the Shetland Triangle shawl. Yes, the pattern calls for only eight. I'm doing 13, because I like the number.

Here's a blurry picture of Shetland from the phone. I sharpened it a little with Picnik.

P.S. It's about 3:30 a.m. that I'm posting this. Nothing like Saturday night insomnia, eh?