Thursday, July 29

A Fitting End

My family came to visit me for Nordic Fest, the annual celebration of Scandinavian ancestry here in Decorah. We spent time perusing the shops and impromptu food shacks along Water Street and toured the Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American museum that's a blog away from the apartment. A blacksmith and a woodturner were set up behind the museum, and beyond them, storytellers explained that modern times are not so different from the old Norse days.

It was a grand time. We also went out to Dunning's Spring for a little respite, although there were quite a few people there (presumably seeking the same thing).

A mere 20 minutes after they headed homeward, I caught a bright red flash from the corner of my eyes, spied through the flimsy drapes in the living room (where I was flipping between Trading Spaces and Sister Act 2). I spread them wide, only to be greated by more flashes of light, this time green and gold. Fireworks! I settled myself in the little window nook, muted the television, and sat. It was a glorious silence, punctuated by explosions high in the sky above the river. Even though our roof access is barred, I still had a fantastic view of the celebratory end of Nordic Fest. I was sad to not be able to share it with anyone, but glad that I had a secret viewing spot all to myself.

A smaller note: two days after finally recieving The Da Vinci Code from the public library, I finished it.

Thursday, July 22

A dog?

At the bar? I felt sorry for the poor dachshund. Some random woman had the creature slung over her shoulder and was just dancing around with it. She also had a backup holder, in case her arms got tired [I think]. How bizarre, how bizarre.

I don't really have anything of worth to say today, except that I'm getting involved with the League of Pissed Off Voters.

I'd also like to thank my friend MegsK for the following quote, “Some of these kids are too skinny. They need to be eating more cake.”

Monday, July 19


It seems as though I've inadvertantly taken a hiatus, albeit a small one. Many things have jumped up in the past week or so. My dislike of cars, for instance. My car lost its exhaust system on the way back to D-town on Friday, which made me quite late for work. I ended up having the night off, though, because the in-charge-for-the-night manager was sympathetic. [The same manager has recently gone through a shocking transformation involving shortened and highlighted hair, facial hair removal, and the introduction of a little bling-bling. He doesn't look bad, per se, but it was definitely surprising and seemingly out-of-character.]
I still quite loathe my job, and I want to quit, but I don't think I will, unless the manager/owner commits a major infraction against my being.
I've managed to make one cell phone cozy so far, for my mom. I'm working on a second, for B. The colors I have currently are creme, lavendar, and purple, so if you like 'em, I'll whip one out for you.
Also, I have an iguana. Since I'm not very creative, its name is Creature.

Thursday, July 8

Knit, purl ...

I'm so excited. I've just purchased a new book. (I know, I'm a book whore lately. But really, it's better than other things I could be doing ...) I now have in my greedy, bookloving hands a book that has taught me many important things in life. (I bought it two days ago.) It is called Stitch N' Bitch. I'm very excited about it, because I now understand the physics of purling, and I know why it seems backwards of knitting, because, for the most part, it is. (I'm also testing out my comma output-er, or so it seems. I think I've been abusing it lately.)

And I'm going to knit cell phone cozies for everyone. Raise your hands and tell me who wants one!* There are lots of cool patterns in the book. Even a bikini.

*Note: This statement was not particularly worthy of an exclamation point. I used about ten of them in one email. Of course, it was to a Dorian camper, so I wanted to sound all excited, but I think it was definitely not necessary. Forgive me for my sins and accept my repentance.

Tuesday, July 6


I was going to type stuff, but now I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. I'm going to go have coffee instead.