Tuesday, March 30

The Laramie Project

I saw it again tonight as a part of this year's Pride Week.

I cried. Again. I heard others sniffling too. I'm so glad I was able to be moved in a room of 30 or so people and not feel awkward about the tears running down my cheeks.

Sunday, March 28

Herbie and Wilkes

I've gone and done it again. I bought fish. Herbie is the smaller of the two goldfish, and he has a bit of black on his fins. I let a person who suffers from ichthyophobia name him. I had to add to the name, though, because it was just necessary. Herbie's full name is Lee Herbie Oswald and Wilkes' full name is John Wilkes Bitch [because he was picking on Herbie and had to move to a smaller condo as punishment].

I haven't had anything exciting of late to write about, hence the fish with overly exciting names. I'm hoping that something interesting will happen soon.

I do love that it's suddenly greener thoguh.

Friday, March 26

The Greening

It has begun. The world is getting greener by the second. Out with the snow and muck - on with the lush scent and sight of growing things.

What a lovely wonderful happy blissful luscious melodious green day.

Wednesday, March 24

Cold, hard ...

Cement. I do not advise sleeping on it, especially on chilly March nights. Unless, of course, you have a burning desire to get 15 tickets to a Ben Folds concert. For free. [But only a bit ... the activities fee covers it, but it's pre-paid.]

Cheesecake angels, however, are a good thing. As are seats in rows D and E, center.

Saturday, March 20

A quick blurb

My mom likes to listen to Christian music. Especially in the car. I, on the other hand, prefer hard rock. Fine. It's when I've been in the car two days in a row and both times the local Christian station has been on that I begin to go a little crazy. And then she starts harmonizing or humming along or something. I'm not sure why, but this generally makes me want to kick babies. [Purloined that from Douglas Adams.]

On another note, I now have Monty Python's Life of Brian, so we can watch the 'Romanes eunt domus' in Latin. The scene put me in a fit of giggles. It was wonderful to be nerdy and actually understand what was going on.

Right, back to LC tomorrow. Woo!

Tuesday, March 16

Spring break? Ha!

I refuse to be on speaking terms with any area meteorologists. [By area, I mean the whole of the Midwest.]

I made it home on Friday with no mishaps and a copy of Rosie O'Donnell's Find Me for my mom to read. Saturday eve, I went to a luau [with the fam at church ... but they were raising money for a mission trip to South Dakota, of which my brother will be a part]. Sunday I slept in, and also remembered the previous night's dream about my hairstylist giving me a mullet.

And Monday.

Monday I woke up to a quiet house [after finally getting to bed around 3a]. By happenstance I looked out the window and discovered a thin blanket of white. I'm not the biggest fan of snow, so I was slightly cranky. A phone call at around 11a confirmed that my brothers would be leaving school an hour and a half later - let out two and a half hours early - because of this slick white business.

Today, my brothers had no school, but we still had to get up early. Why? To dig the cars out of the driveway, of course. My dad ended up walking, but we later got his car out, and I have delivered it safely to his place of work.

Long story made slightly shorter, it's hardly a spring break, but it's a break all the same. And hey, I got a professional haircut. [She was driven insane by the hackjob I had managed to give myself ... but managed to make something of it. I'll find a camera and post it some time.]

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, March 10


Forgive me, but I have nothing of any worth to say, although I was just being serenaded by KM ... and 'twas very amusing. [She's absolutely bonkers.]

So I don't think I'll write anything further. Perhaps I'll leave a note before heading out on Friday, perhaps not. At any rate, I'll try to check in once or twice at the library while I'm home.

Take care.

Tuesday, March 9

Back in the L.U.T.H.E.R.

We Collegiate have returned. Tour was amazing. There was a definite feeling of group unity ... and TP was on the brink of tears more than once. [Though none of us are really surprised by that.]

Spring break is soon. I'll be homeward bound. I will get to see my doggie. And my family.

Time to focus on this week.

Tuesday, March 2

Catching up

I had a very pleasant weekend. On Friday, we got a little schnockered and tramped out to the bar. [Forgive this next statement, for it will sound horribly racist. I promise you that I'm not trying to be racist.] There was a Scary Mexican trying to dance with AN. I was sort of grossed out, because his stature was short and he was wearing a greasy coat. I did what I had to, though, and started dancing with AN. She kinda asked me to, really, because the SM was freaking her out something terrible. So I did, and then he started to try to dance on the both of us. I wouldn't have it, so I subtly [well sort of] elbowed him in the ribs. Multiple times. It didn't do all that much, though, and we had to fend him off various times during the night. DR was helping once the SM went for AN and me. I'm fairly sure that we looked like crazy people, going around in circles subtly elbowing the SM away.

Good times.

Saturday, DR and I had some wine and cheesecake action [oh so good]. The wine was a café zinfandel, a bit more berry-flavoured than the standard white. very nice indeed. Also got to spend some chatty time with the biddy. It was wonderful, because I missed her.

On Sunday I went to MJD's house for pancakes and planning. We got so much done in that hour and a half that I didn't know what to do with myself afterward except sleep.

Yesterday I went to Peace Week meeting that wasn't so peaceful. Ironic, really.

Today we sang in chapel to prep for tour. We're leaving on Thursday morning. If I don't post before next Monday, that's why.

Cheers und bis später.