Thursday, January 20


The country, not the food.

Hello again. I hope all is going well. Yes, Dustro, I changed my template from Greece. Sometimes it's just necessary, especially when you realise that it looked pretty much like a 13-year-old girl's website. I'm sorry for my lapse in whatever it was.

Anyway, the sites are amazing. I've purchased my very own Turkish rug, swam in the hot springs of Pamukkele [or however it's spelled], and seen mosaics that no-one has seen yet, except for the excavators. [We were even allowed to take pictures, and I doubt that anything's been published on them, because I'm pretty sure they were found sometime around the end of December.]

Right. So life is great, and I've somehow volunteered myself to do a website for our trip photos. So much for relaxation. But hey - I love this stuff.

I'm off to relax and do homework and stuff. Catch ya later!

Saturday, January 8


Greetings from Greece, all!

Can I just tell you that I love it here, and I wish I could stay in Athens for
the whole month. It's amazing here, and I'm loving every minute. Even when I'm
absolutely exhausted from all this walking around. I'll make a list of
wonderful things.

(1) Souvlaki. The Greek version of kabobs. The chicken is absolutely fabulous,
and the seasoning is out of this world.

(2) Olives. It's Greece, there are olives. They are SO tasty.

(3) Tzatziki. Yogurt-based garlic-y goodness with cucumbers and onions chopped
up. I'm sure it depends on the chef for the exact ingredients, but the stuff I
had at lunch today was blissful.

(4) The Acropolis. That's right, I love more than just the Greek food. It's so
incredible to finally be able to see the Parthenon and the Erechthion up
close! I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was.

(5) Euros. Despite the sagginess of the dollar, I think I love the Euro.

(6) The Plaka. This is the touristy tschotschke district. There are
restaurants everywhere, and you eat at tables out on the street for the most
part. That's how beautiful the weather is.

That is quite enough. I'll have to update later, if I find another chance.