Wednesday, July 30

Carpal tunnel, here I come

Team Browncoat Ravelympics I really meant to have updated my blog before now. As you can see, dear reader, I have not.

But what I really came here to talk to you about today is the Ravelympics. More precisely, the fact that I am now signed up on three teams and knitting three different projects. That's three projects to finish in 17 days — the length of the Olympics. Why three? Because I'm a crackhead. Honestly, it started with one team and one project, and grew astronomically from there.

My Ravelympics Projects (linked to my Rav project pages)
  • Kaylee socks: I entered these in the Sock Put event. I'm knitting them primarily for Team Browncoat, because they're Firefly themed. But I added them to Team Welcome because I felt like it.
  • Spring Things shawl: For the Shawl Relay. I'll be using the yarn I got in Decorah at the beginning of Dorian: Dream in Color Baby. This is entered in Team Knitted Together and Team Welcome.
  • Gerda Stole: This lovely project I just added today. I fell in love with the pattern a couple days ago, and I bought some Lacey Lamb at Knitted Together, and ... well the two just coincided. I'm knitting this delight for all three teams: Team Welcome, Team Browncoat, and Team Knitted Together.

Now I think I'll fiddle with my blog a bit so I can get the WIPs section back on the sidebar so's you can keep track of my progress.

The earliest I can cast on for these projects is 7 a.m. on August 8 (which is local time for 8 p.m. Beijing on August 8). And you better believe I'll be up early to cast on. I've got three bloody projects for 17 days, after all!

Monday, July 21

My Horrible shoulders

I entered a couple shawls in the county fair, and Laminaria got a blue ribbon! I also got a whopping $1.50 for a prize, which will probably purchase part of lunch.

Also, I have now seen all three acts of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. In fact, I loved it so much I bought it on iTunes, despite the fact there will be a DVD coming out eventually. (A DVD with lots of extras! Hooray! I love DVD extras!) I mean, it was only $3.99 for the season pass. How's that for a bargain? I mean really, if you didn't catch Dr. Horrible while it was online, spend the $4 on iTunes. It's well worth it.

At any rate, I've turned all goofy fangirl over Dr. Horrible. Turns out Neil Patrick Harris is kind of fantastic, and he can sing. It's a far cry from Doogie Howser, that's for sure. I'm kind of smitten. Yay! I want some evil knitting project that goes with Dr. Horrible.

But what I really came to talk to you about today was my shoulders. Let me elaborate.

One of the worst things about summer in Iowa is July. (Another is August.) Last night, as I was walking home after usurping the rents' cable for a few hours, it was so disgustingly muggy outside that, had I wanted a glass of water, I wouldn't need the glass. Just open wide and take a deep, soggy breath. Disgusting!

So yesterday I put on a tank top because, you know, July in Iowa. As I was about to leave, I stopped in the bathroom for one more re-application of deodorant and I saw it: the dreaded farmer's tan. Sometimes when I'm hot and sweaty, I forget all those years of sunburns in t-shirts. Then my luminescent shoulders reflect back at me and say, "Girl, walk out the house now if you wanna be a hick like that."

And I retort, "Shut your face, shoulders. You're not the boss of me. I'm a big girl now — I can make these decisions myself, you know. Besides, wouldn't you like a chance at being the same color as your forearm friends?"

"Whatever, girl. You're the one controlling the hands, not us. And besides, we are the same color as the forearms. The underside.

Bitches. I put on my skull hoodie and walked out the door into the sun. *sigh* At least it's lightweight cotton. Bloody shoulders — Horrible shoulders, really. Maybe I should just invest in a lab coat, gloves and some goggles. Mua ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, July 16

Dr Horrible!

I just watched the most fantastical thing ever: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Act I is up today! The second act goes up Thursday, the third Saturday. If you like music, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day or any combination of those things, it's definitely the thing for you to see.

Be quick, though. The videos will only stay online until midnight on the 20th.

Also, I had a small fail moment on the veggie-for-a-week thing, but we won't talk about that.

Monday, July 14

Blah blah Monday blah

I joined the 2008 Ravelympics today. They're similar to the Harlot's Knitting Olympics in 06. I'll be competing in the Sock Put for Team Browncoat (Firefly / Serenity fans) and Team KTog (my LYS). I can cast on on Friday, August 8, at 7 a.m., which is local time for the opening ceremonies in Beijing. I will knit the Kaylee socks, since they're all Firefly themed and stuff.

I was also going to mention what books I've been reading lately. Thanks to a camper, I started reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and am hooked. What can I say? I love young adult fantasy. I'm pretty pumped for the final book to come out at the beginning of August. Right now, I'm reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, and the last book in David Eddings' Belgariad series, Enchanter's End Game. I'm really enjoying Middlesex, and I've been ignoring the Eddings since, er, I found out about Twilight. Oops.


You know, I was going to post about a couple things today, and I can only think of the one. I was composing my blog post on the way to work this morning. And now here I am, and I can't remember a bloody thing. Damn you, Innernets Of Distraction and Air Conditioner Of Forgetfulness!

ETA: I remember now. I decided I want to be a vegetarian again. You see, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (high school), I decided to give up meat for Lent (back when I did the churchy thing). It stuck for a while, but eventually I got back to my carnivorous self. So I'm going to do a trial, no-meat period of one week, starting today, to see if I can do it again.

Now, what to have for lunch?

Wednesday, July 9

My encounter with the skinny jeans.

My apologies for the silence. I had a very interesting experience last week with skinny jeans (or as skinny as jeans get for my ample figure). Let me share.

So I was wasting time at the mall last week (and don't even get me started; I spent three bloody days in a row wasting time at the mall). I stopped in Torrid — where I got my white trench — because they have funky clothes in my size (and let me tell you, these hips don't lie). And they have a couple clearance racks. I like clearance racks.

My initial goal was to get a long tank top with lace edging on the bottom, which I'd seen on the rack the last time I was in the store. I found it, and it's great for layering, and I'm wearing it today, incidentally. Having caught my quarry so quickly, I moved to the back of the store and the aforementioned clearance racks. I found a double-knit, short-sleeve, cotton hoodie with skulls. (Which I layered on top of the tank top today.) And then I saw jeans on the clearance rack. I grabbed a pair in my size, not really reading the label much; it had cute embroidery on the butt pockets. (What can I say? Sometimes cute embroidery weakens my resolve.)

I went in the fitting room, shucked off the lame-ass clothes I was wearing that day, and put on the new stuff. And then I looked down, because my calves were suddenly constricted and gasping for air. "What is this?" I wondered to myself. "Surely I must be hallucinating." And as I looked curiously at my calves, I also noticed this weird puddle of denim concealing my feet. The sort that would be tattered and dirty after 10 minutes of walking around. I swear, there were at least four inches of extra fabric there. Normally I don't bemoan such things; I am tall enough that pant lengths are barely enough to reach the tops of my shoes.

All in all, the jeans didn't look that bad. I mean, they even made my butt look kinda good. (Must've been the cute embroidery.) But I was far too freaked out by my strangulated calves to consider purchasing them. But as I said, I did get the tank and the sweater.

Also, the liquor store that is on the northern end of town is moving closer to my office. Today. And by closer I mean a half-block away (across the street from my parents' church, too). It's like they know we need them nearby or something.

Tuesday, July 1

This is what Dorian looks like.

Paparazzi shot!

Pink Pirate Day — arrrgh!

Me, Darcy and the womb.

What can I say? It was exhausting, and lots of fun. We took no survivors.