Monday, December 8

In which there are terrifying space monkeys

Not really space monkeys.

I visited the new LYS here in town recently, and I'll tell you what: it's a closet. Really, it's only a few feet wide and maybe four times as long as it is wide. Ridiculously tiny. That didn't stop me from buying this yarn, though.

Recycled sari silk and a giant cake of wool.

I also entered a raffle, as they were having their open house that weekend. And I won two magazines! I just got them today. They're pretty ... country crafty. So they're going to stay at work for now and be "library" reading material. Ah well. I'm still quite surprised to have won.

I visited the doctor last Friday for help with my shoulder. I had a bit of bursitis in my shoulder, and the doc gave me a pop to quiet the pain. (No, he actually gave me a shot of cortisone to reduce the inflammation.) I am a very happy camper now that I can raise my left arm all the way again. I have a bit of kink in my neck, but it's so much better than it was. I can't even begin to describe it.

I make things with yarn.

I changed the layout again. The Scribe layout was really starting to bum me out, because it would be just a little too narrow for something, and cut pictures off. No more! Now I've got a stretchy layout. I just need to decide on some non-bland colors. This may take a while.

I've been thinking, off and on, about moving the blog to Wordpress. Blogger is so flexible with the design, which I enjoy, but I find it lacking a little. I really ought to take up the Blog More Often mantle before I make a decision like that.

The name Crimson Mittens will be changed soon, though. Maybe this'll become Xamonster's Hot House of Yarn or something. But we'll just have to see.

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