Monday, March 3

In which I actually post photos! OMG!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what my bruised leg looks like today. Thanks to the new iMac, the fantastic program Photo Booth, and my willingness to show a little leg at work ... here's an accurate representation. To be polite to those of a more delicate nature, I'll put the technicolor artwork bruised leg photo at the end of the post. To delay the moment of squeam, I'll distract you with a headshot.

See how long my hair is? See how long my roots are?

Watch as I ponder the red minion, guardian of my desk.

Other than taking pictures of my technicolor leg, I've been working a bit on my Koolhaas hat, although I had to frog almost three repeats of the eight-row chart, due to the fact that I completely omitted the third row all the way through. While it looked cool, it just didn't have the effect I wanted, so now I'm ... one repeat in to the chart.

Aside from that, I've finished The Wee Free Men for the Ravelry Book Challenge. I started both Freakonomics and Talk to the Hand yesterday, the former to the suggestion of my well-read cousin and the latter because I enjoyed the author's first book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

And now, dear readers, I depart, leaving you the ghastly picture of my leg to haunt your dreams. Mua ha ha.

Check me out! I'm wearing pretty excellent pants today, though you can hardly tell from the picture.

1 comment:

Sam Love said...

I have never seen your hair so long! (nor have I seen a picture of you in so long!) gorgeous!

as for your bruise... looks like a doozy!