Thursday, January 15

In which my toes are a little cold.

As I may have mentioned previously, I feel that Neil Gaiman has a way with words. Let me once more demonstrate:
Oww. Windchill. Cold like knives cold.
Twitter from neilhimself

Concise, yet accurate as always.

I also learned last night that I am, in point of fact, a bad person for wanting to de-claw my cat primarily because he keeps making holes in the window plastic. I would make him duck tape mittens, but he would just gnaw his paws off. Ah well. Patchwork Window Project continues. More photos ought to follow.

Also, I have finished my January Charms project, Urchin. Expecto patronum!


Nice, eh? Now back to your regularly scheduled cold air, which is probably causing hell to freeze over again.

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