Tuesday, June 6

I am the Anti-Xa

As has become tradition over the past 23 years, I will get a touch older today. (I am, after all, the Anti-Xa.) Others, however, do not seem to think today is an auspicious date to mark the passage of time ...
'Happy Birthday Damien': Births Rescheduled for Superstitious Reason 6/6/06
  • Jacksonville, FL - "One of my patients had a C-section scheduled for June 6th and recently decided to change it because of the date." said a local doctor of recent wave of rescheduling for babies to be been born surgically on June 6, 2006 or 6/6/06.
  • Traditionally, the number 666 is thought to be the 'Mark of the Beast' and is associated with the coming of the Antichrist. The numbers are written about in the Bible's Book of Revelations [sic].
  • Rather than have their babies delivered on such an ominous day, expectant mothers wish to have their otherwise healthy babies born at some other convenient non-Satanic related date.

Are women trying to avoid 6/06/2006?

Woman fears her baby will be the Anti-Christ "She has asked her doctors to induce her for fear of giving birth to The Devil. This has to be the best reason for an induction yet."

6/6/06 worries first coast moms "Evil has helped push the bank accounts of many in Tinsel Town to new riches with movies like 'The Omen.' But in the land of those experiencing labor, wealth is all about health. First Coast moms want healthy babies born on any other day except 6/6/06."

Loobylu "That being said, BB's chosen image made me feel a little odd to say the least. Secondly, whilst I wouldn't be into inducing my baby or organising a caesarian to avoid the date, and I haven't been seriously worried about giving birth to the anti-christ... "

Woman fears giving birth to anti-Christ "Caversham - A pregnant woman who is due to give birth on June 6 wants to be induced as she is terrified of giving birth to the devil."

But Michigan has the right idea: Hell hots up for 666 party "Souvenir shop owner John Colone, who is also the mayor, said: 'I've got '666' T-shirts and mugs. I'm only ordering 666 so, once they're gone, that's it.'"

Not only do I wish I could road trip to Michigan, I almost wish I'd named my cat Damien. Now if only it were a full moon ...

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